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Puget Sound Veterinary Specialists was founded to offer a beacon of hope to all who need to seek the help of a veterinary specialist. We believe in caring for animals and their caregivers. We care about our community. That’s why we support local charities, local businesses and invest in pet related education programs. We strive to provide the highest quality medical care to our patients and emotional support to their family.

Dr. vanessa rizzo


Dr. Rizzo was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, but has fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest. She loved animals from a very young age and used to beg her mother for a pet – any pet. 

While she was in veterinary school, Dr. Rizzo became fascinated by cancer. Several members of her family had suffered from cancer – some survived and some did not. Dr. Rizzo now works as a board certified veterinary medical oncologist in the Pacific Northwest where she has been honing her skills and knowledge and where she has truly come to understand the strength of the human animal bond.

Vanessa Rizzo
Dr. Rizzo with patient Ella the dachshund dog

Meet Gus

How can we ever thank Dr. Vanessa Rizzo and her team for saving Gus' life? In May of 2017, our 10 year old, happy-go-lucky German Wirehaired Pointer named Gus was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a primary bone tumor that is a common bone cancer diagnosed in dogs. Without treatment, he was expected to live only 3-6 months. With this devasting news, we opted for surgery to amputate his front leg and remove the tumor in hopes of extending his life. After surgery, Dr. Rizzo used chemotherapy and lots of love to care for Gus in hopes of completely removing the cancer from his body. Dr. Rizzo was so kind and patient during such a difficult time and our family will always share a special bond with her. We are happy to report that 2.5 years later, Gus still has his same zest for life and can be found running around our farm with the other dogs!

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Dr. Rizzo with Doxin, Ella

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