Integrative Holistic Veterinary Medicine

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine was once referred to as complementary and alternative medicine. According to the Mayo Clinic It involves “health care practices that traditionally have not been part of conventional medicine.“ As our knowledge of the efficacy and safety of these practices grows, we can incorporate these therapies into our conventional treatments.

Why consider integrative medicine?

Integrative therapies might help animals with pain, anxiety and cancer.  Some examples include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Dietary supplements
  • Home made diets
  • Music therapy
  • Pheromones

Are their risks?

Integrative therapies aka “holistic veterinary medicine” are not meant to be substitutes for conventional veterinary health care, though we do understand that many pet owners chose to omit conventional treatments. Whether you’re planning on using integrative therapies in concert with or instead of conventional treatment please be wary of grand claims or anything without scientific support. 

What’s the science?

Doctors rely on peer reviewed scientific data to make decisions. This data is not synonymous with company claims or individual testimonials. When conducting your own Internet research please keep this in mind. 

However, we know that many of the families we work with turn to these claims and testimonials because they offer hope and quite frankly are easy to understand. For example, turmeric cures cancer!  Or, CBD oil alleviates arthritic pain. These statements are easy to understand and offer hope to your loved one.

However, scientific data can be overwhelming and confusing at first, which is why some people may shy away from it. This website offers guidelines on how to evaluate the science. And remember, you can always discuss therapies you are considering with your veterinary health care team. We will be happy to help you evaluate the data.

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